Thank you for wanting to book for Worcester. Please read this before booking!

Can I come to the workshop but not sing in the concert?
The workshop is restricted to those who are singing in the concert.

Can I attend a workshop at one venue and a concert at a different venue?
We ask you to come to the same venue for workshop and concert, so that we can balance each choir and create a unified sound. You can sing in both choirs, but in that case we ask you to book for both workshops and attend all the rehearsals and we regret we cannot offer a discount.

How do I buy extra concert tickets?
As a special offer, each choir member will be able to buy up to two tickets for their guests at the reduced price of £5 per ticket. These tickets will be available at the workshops. Additional full price tickets may be purchased from Worcester Live box office, 01905 611427

What time do I need to arrive on the concert day?
Please ensure that you arrive 15 minutes before the start of the rehearsal. For Worcester this will be 10.45 am

Is the music difficult?
With enthusiasm and hard work anybody should be able to take part. We don’t audition singers. You don’t have to be able to read music although it helps. Andy Watts will teach the harmony lines thoroughly at the workshop and each participant will have on-line access to mp3 downloads to enable them to practice between workshop and concert. We sing in parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) but the ranges are suitable for the average voice and are not extremely low or high.

Is it suitable for children?
We offer half price tickets for under-18s. The workshop day requires a high level of concentration and some children would find it tiring, but the atmosphere is friendly, and young people who have attended in the past have enjoyed the experience greatly.

Is there a limit on numbers?
There will be 30 choir places available at Worcester. We will keep a waiting list if the project is over-subscribed and inform you if we have a cancellation.

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