Privacy Policy

The Carnival Band Privacy Policy
We do not share your data with any other organisation or individual, other than our appointed and approved agents (data processors), please see below.

We use paper signup forms at concerts and events or the electronic signup form on our website to ask for permission to send you news. We also hold information from people who have booked for The Carnival Choirs in order to send information relating to their workshops and concerts.

Our Legal Bases are:

  • Consent: This applies to people who consent to join The Carnival Band’s mailing list.
  • Legitimate Interests: This applies to people who elect to join a Carnival Choir.

We will only contact you if we have your permission in one of these ways.

Where your data is held
The data controller is The Carnival Band. Names and contact details managed directly by The Carnival Band are stored on a password-protected computer which is not part of a network. The data is not encrypted. Data is also held on behalf of The Carnival Band by its agents (data processors): Corefields Ltd for data collected via the website; MailChimp, for data used for mailing lists; PayPal for data relating to financial transactions. Responsibility for data protection in these cases rests with each agency and its data protection policy applies. The Carnival Band assures that its agents are compliant, even if outside the European Economic Area (EEA), so that your data is secure. Please see the links above for our agents’ privacy policies. Andy Watts is the data holder (Data Protection Officer).

Data preferences
Consent: We use MailChimp to send news of concerts, workshops, recordings and other events relating to the Carnival Band's activities. MailChimp is used by many arts organisations for their newsletters. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters at any time using the link at the end of every newsletter. You can also unsubscribe by emailing us or writing to us. If you unsubscribe we will delete your data. We undertake to amend or destroy your data on request. This will happen within one month of receiving your request.
Legitimate Interests: We will delete all data relating to Carnival Choir participation within a month of the completion of the project in which they are involved, unless you have also given permission (consent) to be contacted with regular news from The Carnival Band.
If you have any questions about your data and our privacy policy, please contact Andy Watts.

About this notice
We may change this Privacy Notice at any time, in which case a revised notice will be placed on our website and, if we hold your email address, we will inform you by newsletter.

Policy updated: 02/06/2018. The next update is due within 12 months of this date.